Welcome to The Fold LIVE.

This is where you get to sign up for a cooking class, PT session, yoga session, music tutorial and more… all while supporting your favourite instructor.
Lockdown restrictions may have lifted but there are still lots of businesses that can’t re-open or hold their workshops or events in the flesh. This is how you can support them and keep yourself safe and healthy too!
And because there was a whole lot of pivoting going on, there are plenty of businesses that have realised they can speak to more fabulous people like you and grow their tribe beyond their own region by keeping their online offerings going. Smart, right?
Learning Ceramics

A post-COVID world doesn’t mean keeping your distance from the fun stuff! You can still connect with our fav experts, instructors, creatives and muso’s while they get back into the rhythm of things.

So how do you do it? Simplez! Just sign up to create your very own account, then have a browse through the categories. Select an experience or online class and how long you’d like to do it for…

  • 30 minutes of yoga? No problem.
  • Always fancied learning the guitar? Spend an hour online with a local muso.
  • Burn water? Hang out with a well known Highlands chef and learn how to make something spesh!
You choose. You book. You pay. And our amazing local experts get to share their knowledge and pay their bills.
And as we come up for air, there will be live events appearing on The Fold LIVE too – you’ll be able to search a fab list of awesome regional events, buy yourself a ticket and support rural Australia by rolling up in person! Did somebody say road trip???
Love it!

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