How to host a virtual experience

How To Host A Great Virtual Experience

Valentina Borbone from Banter Group hosted an awesome webinar for biz owners, trainers, artists, chefs and more on how to host a great virtual experience.

And it was that darn good, we wanted to share it with you guys!

There is loads of super-practical, easy to follow advice in this, so if you’re interested in tapping into the extra reach that hosting virtual experiences can give you, or you’re already doing it but want to go next level, grab a coffee (or tea!), strap on your headphones and watch this.

Awesome, right? Let us know how you go! And when you’re ready to host your own awesome virtual experience, pop it up on The Fold LIVE for easy ticketing options, extra eyes on the prize and everything that comes with a community that is keen to connect.

Oh and hey, Val is hosting a 6-part series on Email Marketing, one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to speak to your tribe and find new customers! It’s FREE and fabulous – don’t miss out!

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