7 Solo Activities to keep your distance

7 Solo Activities To Keep You Safe & Sane

Looks like our new normal of social distancing is here to stay for a while, so we’ve popped together a few solo activities that will not only make sure you keep your distance from others during a global pendemic, but they’re also good for the mind, body and soul!


Yep, it’s a thing! It’s so good for our wellbeing…. the heart rate slows down (bye bye road rage), blood pressure decreases (bye Felicia!), stress levels lower and our immune systems get stronger! Very cool. And all you have to do is head out into one of our national parks or forests and just sit in amongst with the trees for however long you think it’s necessary. Breathe it in, baby!


Country roads, take me home….via some scenic views, cute rural villages and paddocks of cows. Head off the beaten track, don’t even look at Google maps and just drive – extra points for if you’ve got a convertible and can mosey along with the wind in your hair (but not like Thelma & Louise – we all know how THAT ended!).

Sunday drive - solo activities to keep you safe and sane.


So many bushwalks to explore thanks to our amazing landscape and countryside Be sure to check out the tracks before you go and if you’re going solo, pack your trusty backpack with food, water, a GPS, first aid kit and don’t forget to tell someone where you’re heading and what time you’re planning to be back.

Bush walking - solo activities to keep you safe and sane.


It’s peaceful, it’s easy and it’s free. The end.


Get your om on at home with an online yoga class. Roll out your mat in the lounge room, take your time and go with the flow – do it in your undies if you like! No one’s watching!  


We are lovin’ this new form of riding in the cycling world. Less technical than mountain biking and less about speed than road cycling, it’s a leisurely form of riding that suits a lot of ages and skills. Meander around fire trails and off the beaten track with a solo gravel ride.

Gravel riding - solo activities to keep you safe and sane.


What’s SUP? Nothing! What’s SUP with you? Gawwwd, sorry – couldn’t resist. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is such a great way to relax on the water. Sure, you’ll be giving your core and glutes a workout but you can paddle as fast or as slow as you like. A great option for a solo chillout now the weather is warming up.

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