Support the businesses of regional Australia

Support regional Australia with virtual experiences

How you can help rural businesses tough it out during these crazy times!

The businesses of regional Australia have had it tough. Drought. Bush fires. Floods. And now….this.

As a result of the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, businesses are closing their doors, cancelling their events, pivoting their business models weekly (and sometimes daily!).

And in these dark times, the way so many businesses have dealt with challenge after challenge has been incredible to watch. We’ve been watching business owners hustle to find new ways to keep serving their customers and exploring opportunities to keep their teams employed.




So while they were doing that, we were doing this…..Asking ourselves how we could help.

How can we support the businesses of regional Australia?

And so The Fold LIVE was born!

We wanted to create a platform that would give those businesses, trainers, teachers, muso’s, foodies, chefs, entrepreneurs, retailers, all experts in their field a way to continually engage with their customers while they are in isolation.

Maybe even find new customers from being part of The Fold LIVE!

So what can you do to support these businesses in regional Australia? What can you do from home?

Get involved with the online experiences regional businesses have on offer.

Browse The Fold LIVE website and discover a new hobby! Do that yoga class you never seemed to have time to get around to in your busy life. Lock in a fun virtual activity to do on the weekend. Learn how to make the pasta instead of buying it! Connect with experts sharing their knowledge on everything from managing your home finances in uncertain times to managing a business. Go on a virtual walk with your mates.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And tell your friends about The Fold LIVE if they run a business and have been thinking of hosting virtual experiences to stay connected with their tribe (and find new tribe members!). The more the merrier!

Please do get involved and support businesses in regional Australia.


Online events and virtual experiences connecting rural Australia
Help the businesses of rural Australia by participating in online events and virtual experiences.

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Be entertained, learn, discover, explore, have some fun. Connect with regional events and experiences.

The Fold LIVE.


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