What sort of regional traveller are you?

What sort of regional traveller are you?

Do you go bush or head to the coast? Explore villages? Or go completely off-grid?

Whose got cabin fever?? Our hands are well and truly up! As intrastate travel restrictions start to lift across regional Australia, we are looking forward to getting back into the swing of exploring this beautiful country of ours.

And seeing international travel (and temporarily a lot of interstate travel) is off the cards at the moment, it’s an awesome opportunity to support the country towns and villages of your own state with a visit.

Of course, it’s all about staying safe and healthy so don’t head off if you feel unwell, and be sure to practice social distancing when you’re at your destination too.

So, if you’re ready to rock, so are we! And we’d love to know….what sort of regional traveller are you?

Into the wild

You love bush-walking, heading into the mountains with your backpack on and your Garmin (and satellite phone) fully charged. You love setting up camp next to a river, warming up your billy tea over an open fire, bathing in a creek and sleeping under the stars. Not seeing anyone at all is your idea of heaven!

Is heading bush is your idea of travel heaven?

Coasting along

Having the sand between your toes and the smell of dried salt on your skin is what you need to feel refreshed and rebooted. You’re the type of person that could sit on a clifftop or on the beach for hours on end watching the waves roll in, one after the other. You love diving headfirst through the waves or grabbing the surfboard for some time in the water. And you might also be a big fan of the awesome beachside fish and chip shop!

Immersing yourself in the sea is what you love to do on a regional mini-break.

Festival fan

You keep an eye out for awesome events and experiences happening in regions you’ve always wanted to explore. Wine and food festivals, writers festivals, art competitions, mountain biking comps, picnic races, outdoor concerts, oyster festivals….now you have no excuse not to go exploring! Of course, loads of events have been postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19, but some are starting to re-schedule, so if you’re keen to visit a region, follow their Tourism Destination Centre on Insta or Facie and keep up to date with new events.

Be prepared for festivals and events to look a little different as organisers find their way through the easing of restrictions and their new normal.

And if you’re an event organiser/owner and you want to increase your reach OR need a ticketing platform OR simply just want to add another marketing channel to your promotional toolbox, get in touch with The Fold LIVE team! Face to face and live events, virtual experiences…whatever it may be, we can help!

Village explorer

Quaint towns with unique shops, rustic buildings and tree-lined streets are your jam. In fact, you’ll probably buy some homemade jam from the local providore while you’re there. You love taking your wicker basket or canvas tote to the village markets and chatting to every single stallholder. And an historic, local pub with sandstone walls and a breezy beer garden is your favourite place to refuel.

You love exploring quaint villages and the tree-lined streets of country Australia.

Farm fun

Early mornings are no problem for you. Actually, you LOVE getting up before dawn! Holidays that give you a bit of a taste of country living is what you’re after. Getting hands-on and helping out with milking the cows, herding the sheep or seeing what the chooks have been laying is all fun to you. Farm stays are your thing. Oh, and the family love it too.

Farm stays are a fun holiday for all the family.

Ski bunny

You normally follow the snow around the globe! But with international travel bans, you’re looking closer to home. You can spend all day out on the slopes without as much as a calf muscle or glute muscle twinge. You’ve got all your own ski gear and you’re a pro on two ski’s AND a snowboard. You’ve never fallen as you’ve got off the ski lift and at the end of the day, you certainly don’t mind kicking back with friends by an open fire with a schnapps or two or twenty.

Who's super keen for the snowfields to open up?


Your idea of camping involves a Queen-sized bed and running water. Hey, we’re not judging! We’re right there with you!!! You love exploring new regions but also love coming back after a day of sight seeing and trekking to the comforts of a mini-bar, a throw blanket and a hot bath.

Why forgo the comforts of home when you're travelling?

Lake lover

You can spend a whole day out on a boat, water ski-ing, wake boarding, swimming….doing whatever it does that literally floats your boat. From wide, meandering rivers to stunning lakes, you’re happiest either behind the wheel of your own boat, or on the tow rope behind someone else’s!

Hitting the lakes and rivers of regional Australia.

Whatever or however you like to explore regional Australia, just make sure you do…..as soon as you can! Safely.

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